Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Blog Posting.

Our final lesson turned out pretty good. My partners and I were really worried about how well we going to be able to execute the objectives and assessments because it was difficult to be availabe for each other. However, we kept in touch via emails, sms texts, and Facebook and got the job done. I think our lesson plan was done exactly as it was written and the most important thing I think Dr. Luongo was trying to teach us was...Be prepared for the worst that can happen in a classroom, always have plan #2, 3, 4 ready, and practice, practice, practice! I learned that there are a whole bunch of ways to teach your students, you have to have patience, and love what you are doing.

What I would have done differently, that would made the lesson more effective would being able to meet and talk to my parnters more. Growing up, I always done group projects on my own even though there were classmates available. Working together allowed me to see many other options and it gives groups a bigger opportunity window.

Podcasting is really fun, only when you know exactly what you're doing. LOL. My partners and I used our podcast towards the middle of our lesson. I think it went well, students were able to follow along. But then you get the ones that don't really follow, so as a teacher you have to get them back on track! We could have added music or pictures to our podcast to grap more of the students attention. I would use this idea in my future lessons.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puuuume! (a speeding sound) lol

Class went by fast. Still not enough time or hear everyone's podcast. Maybe next time.

Later <3

Effective Questioning

What is conflict, and why is it important in literature?

What types of conflicts are present in the poem Home Burial?

Do you see these conflicts ever being solved? Why or why not?

Who would you relate to more, the husband or the wife. Why?

Is the husband really offending is wife?

Why do you think the husband is being so calm about the death of his child?


Today my partners and I will post our effective questions on blogger. Today I hope to finish that and begin to formulate some great ideas for our lesson plan. I also need to add more classmates to my "SE 370" section. Its quite dry. Anyway, I enjoyed the time off we had and hope to finally finish this lesson.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All done? LOL

Today wasn't bad at all. I thought I would have to work alone, but Stephanie showed up at the right time :) After the first try we actually did pretty well, bu stumbled on a few simple words. We kept trying and finally got it right! Its not as bad as I thought. We just had to get familiar with the work and identify our parts. I can't wait for LeighAnn to hear what we we came up with! I had to play the husband and wife and change my voice, it was funny. It felt like reading a story to a little kid adding sound affects and distinguishing voices.

So by Friday, I hope to have the 5 questions posted towards the end of class and what we will be doing for our lesson plan.

Later <3
Hmmm, so what's new???! We have our material and we're missing one person. LeighAnn is out sick so Stephanie and I will podcast the first section of the poem today and if we need to re-record we will do so Friday! Today I hope to finish the first part of this poem and come up with the 5 questions and review them with my partners.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today we were on the podomatic website. We welcomed a new member, Stephanie to the group. We finally decided what we will be reading. Home Burial by Robert Frost. Stephanie will play the wife, LeighAnn the narrator and I will play the husband. This works out perfectly because its 3 of us and the poem has 3 characters. I'm excited !